Real Estate

Buying and selling a home is a major transaction. The sale price alone should indicate how extraordinary such a transaction is when compared to the financial decisions that are a part of everyday life.

Home ownership can provide you with many benefits such as long-term investment and tax advantages.  Mistakes in the sale or purchase of a home can burden you for years to come.  On the other hand, a well-handled transaction can provide great pleasure and contentment.

Joseph Cicala has represented hundreds of home buyers and home sellers over the years.  His knowledge in this area of the law will help to ensure the advantage of your investment.

Mr. Cicala’s legal representation in your home purchase includes the:

  • Preparation, review, negotiation and explanation of the Contract of Sale
  • Assisting you with Home Inspections and negotiations related to those inspections
  • Assuring that you obtain good and marketable title to the property
  • Helping you resolve problems relating to the transfer of the occupancy and closing date
  • Representing you at the closing, reviewing your mortgage documentation, explanation of your Note and Mortgage and related documents and walking you through the closing process

For a worry-free home buying or home selling experience, contact Joseph Cicala today for a free consultation!